Ground Treadmills


​The “incline ground” treadmill is an important tool for gait training, and muscular conditioning for patients that underwent orthopedic surgery, and for neurological patients on the last phase of the rehabilitation program.  It is also of great value for athletes working on improving aerobic and muscular performance and overweight patients in need of closely monitor exercise in a control environment with air conditioning.  It can also be used for weight management, muscular balancing, improving stance, range of motion, and more! 


Underwater Treadmill


​The “underwater  treadmill” is unique in that it provides a buoyant environment for neurological patients with important deficiencies of balance and proprioceptions.  It is also the best modality for the patients with advanced arthritis that find it too painful to walk with the compression force of gravity affecting the joints.  Orthopedic surgery patients benefit from the weightless environment for exercising.  The water temperature is controlled at all times, so it’s warm and soothing to relax the muscles, soft tissue and painful joints.  Depending on the individual goals the water can be increased or decreased and the patient can walk against different numbers of jets in order to promote muscle strengthening and further improve aerobic endurance. 

Swimming against the jets is a great exercise for athletic dogs, overweight dogs and neurological/orthopedic patients at the last stage of the program.  Swimming against the jets is similar to a human endless pool.

Underwater Treadmill in Action